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Abelardo Lafuente’s buildings map

Lafuente's Old Shanghai buildings map

The Lafuente map

The rediscovery of Old Shanghai Spanish architect Abelardo Lafuente was a major event of last year for Old Shanghai enthusiats. The buzz about the Spanish architect culminated in the exhibition held in Bund 22 in December. (See post “Abelardo Lafuente, Shanghai Spanish architect” for more information).

The team behind the research and the exhibition has now published a map of remaining Lafuente’s buildings in Shanghai. Although only 6 remain, they are clearly visible in the city as 2 of them are located on Nanjing Xi Lu and 2 more are in the tourist area of Duo Lun Lu. The other ones are a major historical hotel and   a bar in the former French Concession that is an anchor of expatriates life in Shanghai.

With its short text and visual, the map is a great for beginners in Old Shanghai discovery and will surely be used many to explore. The current version is printed in Spanish and English, but the next one will also include Chinese text. In a similar way to Hungary’s Laszlo Hudec, Spain has cleverly used the remainings of one of his ancient citizens to enhance its in image in Shanghai. Hopefully some more countries will follow suit.

Lafuente’s map is available at Sasha’s (corner of HengShan lu and Dong Ping lu) and Restaurante CASA 700 (700 Huanpi Nan Lu). Cost is 30 RMB.

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  2. Hello Hugues,

    You may not be aware of the distinguished book, Art Deco Architecture in Toronto by Tim Morowetz, published by Tim’s own communications firm Glue Inc. Tim has attended and lectured at several World Congresses on Art Deco. There are still a few copies of the book available, and the website is: http://www.artdecotoronto.ca The website provides links to other countries and resources on the subject.

    Best regards, Margaret Blair

  3. […] Polifactory China | After a relaxing and nice interview with Frances Arnold, a british CH Editor, we would like to thank her for a great article. Since last 30th August 2012 a really nice article from a different point of view, is describing our research and Lafuente Research Project. Our last initiative was to design a Shanghai map available for anyone to visit the Lafuente Buildings in Shanghai, based on our branding style for this research and with some useful info. Enjoy the article HERE. Almost at same time in other important Shanghai historical web: Shanghailander by Hugues Martin, another nice article has been published about it, thanks Hugues too. HERE. […]

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