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This blog is a work of passion, born out of my interest in the city of Shanghai. I came to Shanghai for the first time in 1998, having pictures of Tintin’s adventures “The Blue Lotus” in my head. I quickly realized that Tintin’s steps were long gone but something was happening in that part of the world that I could relate to after my stay in Central Europe. Society was changing really fast, people experiencing new freedom, all of it creating a very special climate over the city. Unfortunately, I did not stay in Shanghai more than two months at that time.

It’s only in 2003 that Shanghai came to my scope again and I reached the Shanghai shores again in early 2004 coming from Budapest where I had lived for more than 6 years.  My interest in the city and its past grew and I started collecting old books and documents from Shanghai colonial time, as well as modern books about old Shanghai. Just like in Central Europe, after years of ignoring or denying its brilliant past, Shanghai is slowly finding a term with it. Shanghainese are also re-appropriating this past that had been hidden or taken away.

Shanghailander is the chronicle of my own discovery of the city and its past. I try to share what I learn about it, as well as to show some locations, books, movies and anything that is relevant to people interested in the topic. With my interest growing in the city and its Art Deco architecture, the scope of the blog has expanded to other Art Deco locations, with always a link with Old Shanghai.

Experiencing Shanghai history should be a fun experience, going to places where few people go and trying to relive the past for a while. I enjoy it tremendously and I hope readers feel the passion. As written in an early post, I am married with a lovely Shanghainese lady called Jiajia and we live in Frenchtown Shanghai (the old unformal name of the French Concession). If you like Shanghailander.net, you can also “Like” the Facebook page.

EXPATRIMO, expatriation et patrimoine

Apart from writing Shanghailander (which is only a hobby), I am one of the partners of financial firm EXPATRIMO, advising expatriates on purchasing real estate in France, retirement planning, investment and emerging markets. If you need advice on your investment and your live in Asia, please email me and I would be happy to meet and discuss it.

You can contact me at: hmartin_at_shanghailander.net

Enjoy reading Shanghailander,

Hugues Martin / 马雨果

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