Old Shanghai Real Estate

I have lived more than 20 years in Shanghai and got deeply interested in both Shanghai history and architecture. At the same time, I am an expert in French real estate for expatriates with my own firm EXPATRIMO. People have regularly come to me with questions about Old Shanghai real estate.

Old Shanghai Villas and apartment buildings are a niche market with its own specific rules, different from usual Shanghai real estate. I have partnered with the most knowledgeable Chinese firm focused on this niche market.

If you own an Old Shanghai property that you want to sell, they can organise the whole process. This will be done while minimizing your implication and presence in China.

If you want to invest in a Old Shanghai property for housing or commercial usage, they have access to the best opportunities and in-depth understanding of the market and buying procedure.

For more information, please email to: property@shanghailander.net