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Here are a few articles that I wrote, interviews for press or TV short movies that I took part of. All are linked to Shanghai and its history.


Interview in French by Shanghai based vlogger and artist Pierre Alivon, for the World French abroad association (UFE Monde).


Interview in French in Le journal débridé, vlog in French about China by Shanghai local French Chinese star Li Song.


That’s Shanghai interview
Interview by Shanghai social and cultural magazine That’s Shanghai about turning 15.

2019: Shanghai, la perle de l’Orient
Part of famous 66 minutes magazine on French TV M6 (number 3 TV channel in France). 15 minutes interview about live in Shanghai as a French-Chinese family.

2018: Promenade historique, les maîtres Français de l’Art Deco à Shanghai

Walk in the steps of Léonard Vesseyres and Kruz, for Le Petit Journal, written with David Maurizot (in French only).

2014: Port d’attache, Shanghai – TV5 Monde

With the Port d’Attache team

Filming of documentary “Port d’attache” / “Waterfront cities of the World” focused in Shanghai in November 2013. Filmed in French & Englidh, the program was broadcasted on TV5 Canada in May 2014 and on TV5 MONDE (Global French TV channel) during July 2014. The English version was then broadcasted on The Discovery Channel in 2017.  Click here for the English version of the program


Jan 12 – “L’Art Deco de Shanghai”, article for “Trait d’Union”, French magazine covering China, published in Hong Kong


Interview for Global Times (Chinese newspaper in English) February 2011: Preserving the past

Nov 11 – “Shanghai ville d’histoire”, article for “Trait d’Union”, French magazine covering China, published in Hong Kong

Dec 11 – “Le lotus Bleu”, article for “Trait d’Union”, French magazine covering China, published in Hong Kong


TF1 (Number one French TV station) report 1:30 for 8pm Prime time news about old Shanghai (broadcasted on 17 July 2010):

Shanghailander on TF1

Shanghai Media Group: “The beautiful Fragrant Bund” – TV series of 10 episodes of 20 minutes about Shanghai history for Shanghai TV channel. 1 or 2 episodes are about Shanghai former French concession, I was preseting a small part of the series both in Chinese.

Arte, French-German culture TV channel: “Shanghai dreams” 52 minutes about Shanghai Expo 2010 and Shanghai history – First broadcast 12 July 2010

The Milu, your life guide / Le Milu, guide du nouvel arrivant – pages on daily life in Old Shanghai

TeleMaison (French cable tv station) : “Shanghai entre ciel et mer” 52 minutes report about Shanghai. My part is about 1/3 of the air time with views of driving sidecar in the old part of Shanghai. Broadcast May 2010

MTV Asia: Shanghai navigator 60s video

Shanghai Sideways promotion video by MK Video prod.

Le Petit Shanghaien, magazine of the Cercle Francophone de Shanghai (today Shanghai Accueil): Article about Tintin album the Blue Lotus and its relationship with Shanghai.

Shanghai Daily: interview by Judy Hammond, published 26th June 2007

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