Gordon & Co Construction, Shanghai

Need some construction, call 16077?

Shanghai development was fueled by real-estate and construction. Just like in every big city, people moved house, bought and sold properties and remodeled them. There was also maintenance work, as well as upgrade to be done.

I recently noticed this ad in a 1937 Shanghai publication. I particularly like the “All works satisfactorily executed”. The company was surely a foreign one, located behind the Bund, on today’s Sichuan Middle Road, close to Fuzhou Lu. In such a central location, it must have been involved in building or maintaining the buildings of the business district of the International Settlement, though I did not find more information about. I tried to call 16077, but sadly this number does not exist anymore.

6 thoughts on “Gordon & Co Construction, Shanghai”

  1. When we first started on our own in Shanghai, we had a representative office in an office building in Sichuan lu, very close to that address!

  2. Hello and thanks again for these blogs.

    Is there anywhere I could buy Shanghai newspapers dating from 1940-1949? English, French, German?

    My parents met and married in Shanghai and with my mother being a part time model and my father a musician and partner in Itkiss music shop, I hope to find something about them.


  3. Always interested in your blogs – thanks!
    In the mid ’30s my Dad was co-owner of a 4 story apartment at
    271 Rue de Boissezon (still in existence!).. Who knows? It may have been constructed by Gordon & CO.!!!

  4. Greetings from Miami
    What a treat to read two Shanghai blogs in one week !
    Thank you!
    Ps. I already ordered via amazon.com the book ” Shanghai Grand” cannot wait to start reading!

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