Renovation on Lyceum Theater

Seeing scaffoldings on a Old Shanghai building is always scary, as this can be the sign of future destruction, or a really bad renovation (See post Plaza 353 ruinovation for more info).

I recently passed by Lyceum theater at the corner of Rue Bourgeat and Route Cardinal Mercier (today Changde Lu and Maoming Nan Lu), to discover the building wrapped in plastic. Since shows are not taking place due to CoVid pandemic, it is probably a good timing for renovation. Not sure how it will turn, but will keep a look for it.

6 thoughts on “Renovation on Lyceum Theater”

  1. Seeing the Lyceum Theater brings back memories of my small role (newspaperboy) in the play My Sister Eileen, produced by the Shanghai Dramatic Society, circa 1948, and presented at the Lyceum. Glad to see that the theater is being renovated, rather than demolished.

  2. Yes, I have a black & white photo of the entire cast lined up onstage for a photo shoot. I recall 3 lines of actors, with me in the front row, given my smaller stature, both physically and dramatically, as a newspaper boy.

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