Losses and Joys of old Shanghai

Paul French’s blog (www.chinarhyming.com) recently posted a list of the historical buildings destroyed in 2010. Shanghai historical heritage destruction has not been stopped by Expo… far from it. This is quite sad really.


On a more fun note, the Shanghai Literary Festival is running at full speed at the moment. The event is one of the highlight of culture in Shanghai. I saw a great speech by Robert Nield about his book “The China Coast, Trade and the first treaty ports” during a lunch event today (a review of the book will be published as soon as I have finished reading it). There will be 2 more sessions of particular interest for lovers of Old Shanghai. The first one will be coming Saturday, moderated by Tess Johnston, starting at 11:00 in the glamour bar: “Shanghailanders and Shanghainese: Where they lived, worked and played“.The other one on next Saturday, hosted by Lynn Pan focusing on Zhang Ailing. Both are not to be missed. Tickets are available from www.mypiao.com .

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