Modern Shanghai history, 10 years of Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge 10th birthday
Bar Rouge 10th birthday

This blog was originally started to talk about Shanghai both Old and Modern. Only a few posts about modern Shanghai were published as my attention was fully taken by Shanghai history, but the similarities between Old and today’s Shanghai have often come back to me. With nearly 11 years of life in the city, some of the stories from my arrival are becoming themselves part of Shanghai history. The 10th anniversary of Bar Rouge is one of them.

Although I was not at the actual opening ceremony, Bar Rouge was a very special place for me in the years 2005 and 2006. I even wrote one of my early blog post about it (click here for post: Decadence on the Bund), along with a post about now gone Lounge 18 (click her for post: Dancing in the Bank). Bar Rouge at that time was the place to be, the meeting point for a crowd of party people gathering every weekend for dancing away the night. It created friendships and meeting that are still strong today. I have not been a regular for years, but it still seems to have this strong party atmosphere  every time I go there.

Still going strong after 10 years
Still going strong after 10 years

Attending the 10th anniversary of Bar Rouge was also a time to remember all those years that went away at Shanghai speed. Just like we read about the club Delanos, Cyro’s and Paramount in Old Shanghai, people now hear about the stories of Bar Rouge early years and the rebirth of Shanghai night life. There are even people making sociology studies about what was essentially our life. After having searched and studied so much about Shanghai history, parts of my own life starts to become part of it from the point of view of the new generations. Maybe one days people will use this blog as the base of their own research into Shanghai then history.

2 thoughts on “Modern Shanghai history, 10 years of Bar Rouge”

  1. “Thanks for the memories….”.
    I was born and raised in Shanghai – away since the ’50s, but it’s still my home!

  2. Bar Rouge is a place that brings back memories. I have been living in Shanghai for the last three years and spent so many hours on that roof that I really feel like its my home.

    And yes, people are already using your website for research about Shanghai. Found it through “explat blogs” btw.

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