Merry Christmas from Shanghailander

Christmas has had a long tradition in Shanghai and Christmas diner and celebration were many in Old Shanghai. Along with the celebration, came printed menus and cards. Below is a Christmas Eve menu from Park Hotel.

Christmas menu at Park Hotel 1944

The menu below quite similar to today’s Christmas menu. Although under restriction from the war, in Shanghai the party was going for Christmas.

I am not sure who attended Christmas diner at the Park Hotel in 1944. As Shanghai was occupied and most allied nations citizens were interned in camps, it was probably a bunch of Japanese militaries as well as the collaborators that Park Hotel was famous for at that time.

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Merry Christmas in 1936 Shanghai

Christmas in the Old Shanghai was a big thing. Christmas mass celebrated in all the churches, but Christmas was also a big party night for many. If you were looking for ideas were to spend Christmas on 1936, here are a few ideas.

Christmas at the Jessfield Club

I am not sure why this ad was in French, although Jessfield was located on Yu Yuan lu, that was outside the International Settlement. Jessfield Park (current Zhong Shan Park) must have been a far away place from the center at that time. An ideal location for a big noisy party. There is really little for be found about Jessfield Club, apart from a short article on China Rhyming.

Chrismas and New Year parties at the Astor House Hotel

The Astor House Carnival Dinner Dance was surely of much higher level. Located at the Astor House hotel, on today North Bund it was surely one of the great party of the city for that night.

Union Brewery beer Christmas gift

Finally, if one decided to stay home for Christmas, the best gift could a 12 pints of beer, delivered by Union Brewery.