Night out at the French Club

Old Shanghai has been back in fashion in the city for many years now, but so far it was mostly about architecture and famous people from the past. What was missing was a true popular event involving the Chinese public interested in the topic, just like the annual Napier Art Deco Festival in New Zealand that I attended in 2010. The Shanghai Style Fashion Festival that took place from 15th to 18th June is definitely along the same line and was great fun to attend.

Dressed up for the night

Taking place in the former “Cercle Sportif Français“, today’s Okura garden hotel it merged an exhibition of Old Shanghai furniture and interiors, talks about the topic and evening events gala style events. Most of the participants followed the 1920-30’s dress code, adding to the atmosphere of the location.

Old Shanghai interiors

The event combined several rooms exhibiting Old Shanghai furniture and interior, talks about the topic and daily evening parties including small scenes about Shanghai daily life, and Old Shanghai inspired fashion shows.

The live bing band

A unique feature was the presence of a live big band, a rare occasion in Shanghai, that also helped creating the right atmosphere. That is particularly true on 16th June, the Swing dance evening.

Dancing through the night, like in the 1930’s

With the enthusiasm of the real Swing dance club supporting the event, people dressed up and an original ballroom from the 1920’s, it really felt like a time travel to Old Shanghai. This is very much how a night out in the Canidrome Ballroom, or the Paramount must have felt like. Congrats to the organisers for the event and looking forward to the next edition.

Update: Shanghai fashion festival was also organised in 2022. I took part of the event with a speech in Chinese. See post “Media appearance in Chinese” for more details.

7 thoughts on “Night out at the French Club”

  1. Wonderful. I was a little girl there when my Parents belonged to the French Club and I have photos of my Parents and friends dining there and such. I swam in the pool and went to tea with my parents there.

    I have been back in Shanghai for 16 Summers doing research on this and other topics that cover that period and my family and our lives there.

    I was born literally 2 blocks from there on what is now known as Huai Hai Lu but was called Ave. Joffre. What was once our wonderful deco flat is now part of the shopping mall, specifically a Luis Vuitton Shop, and directly across the street from the Park. Interesting blog. Thank you.

  2. Love any and everything I can find about Shanghai…..My birthplace and home for 21 years!
    Happy Memories!

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