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The last weeks have been very active, with me taking part of the Shanghai Style and fashion festival organized in the city. This was the second edition, I attended the first one last year (see post “Night out at the French Club” for more details). Only this time, I got really involved in it.

I was invited to give a short speech about Old Shanghai, and Art Deco at the opening ceremony. It was rather short but intense, I had to speak in Chinese. My speech was mentioned in daily Shanghai morning post.

The next step was really new to me, as I was part of a tour on Hunan lu that was broadcasted in an internet livestream. Once again, I was only a sidekick with a short speech but it was definitely a first for me, media appearance in Chinese.

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  1. When you gave your speech in Chinese, I assume you meant Mandarin Chinese, the official language of China. As someone born and raised until my 13th year in 1949 Shanghai, I am forgetting my Zhongheh-ewo (Shanghai language), and never learned Mandarin. When I ask current Chinese from Shanghai if they speak the Shanghai dialect, the invariable answer is “no, but my grandmother does.” Any comments from you or other readers would be welcome.

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