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Michelle Garnaut’s place, M on the Bund, was the original Bund’s renaissance restaurant. Open in 2002, it was then the only high level independent restaurant on the Bund. A staple of Shanghai nightlife as well as one of the most Old Shanghai evocative place in the city, the restaurant has announced in closure for 15th February 2022. With its unique style mixing modernity and old colonial atmosphere, it has been one of the top spot for Old Shanghai lovers and will be sadly missed.

Located in the former NKK Building, on Bund N5 at the Cross of Canton Road (Guangdong lu) and the Bund, M on the Bund occupies the top floor, including the small but really nice terrasse. Besides the location in the heart of Old Shanghai’s Bund, the whole decor and atmosphere feels like high class dining in Old Shanghai.

Lunch at M

Furniture, accessories and decor have been carefully curated to carry the real sense of class, sophistication and timelessness that makes great places. Staff has been trained and retained for years, creating a service level that is both very effective and nearly invisible. M’s brunch is still a favorite, along with its legendary Pavlova, but M on the Bund has been far more than a restaurant.

Michel Garnaut has been instrumental to bring culture to Shanghai, a place that was so much lacking of it. M was the main organiser and location of the now defunct Shanghai Literary Festival (See 2007 post “Quelques grammes de culture dans un monde de brutes“). The Glamour Bar (see post from 2009 “An old favorite the Glamour Bar“), was the place to present books about Old Shanghai in a timeless atmosphere. Many book reviews in this blog started with such a Saturday afternoon event or a lunch presentation at the Literary festival. My most vivid memory of those times is a presentation by the three ladies of Old Shanghai, Tess Johnston, Lynn Pan and Rena Krasno, probably around 2008. Since M on the Bund will close down in mid Feb, it’s the right to pay a last visit and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this legendary place.

Unfortunately, M on the Bund was not the only foreign place to close this winter. Famous Shanghai franchise Element Fresh, French veteran Le Café des stagiaires as well as Wine bar and terrasse favorite Kartel have already closed down in the last weeks.

7 thoughts on “M on the Bund closure”

  1. Its so saf to see this place closing down. It has been my faborite place since 2004, at least i was going there with a few friends from 4-12 people wining and dining . . now i do not know where to go to next time. I will be missing the food and the wines and the people and the ambiance.

  2. It’s a bit sad. I recall celebrating some important family anniversaries there and a few memorable events. M On The Bund was THE address, where elegance did no rhyme with bling-bling, Everything was done with taste, from the decoration to the service. So long.

  3. Lovely memories of brunching at M on the Bund, indeed it was a unique atmosphere, while looking at the gorgeous skyline in the background

  4. No way, that was. The Place! I hope that fine dining, culture and ultra beautiful place won’t leave space to ugly modern low end food chain!!!! Thank you M. & Glamour Bar for all my best memories in Shangai!!!!!

  5. Gone and forever remembered/ missed by all its many habituees, M perhaps now best represents the ‘End of an Era’ — and a grand one M enhanced so greatly for all of us — the many, who so loved Shanghai!

    It will be ‘immortalized’ in our (many) fond memories of Time and Place — and M right there in the midst of us all…

    Thank you, Michelle!
    You ‘done good’ …!

    Tess in Dullsville WashDC USA

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