Top posts of 2021!

After the hectic year of 2020, 2021 did not disappoint as CoVid19 is continuing to influence our lives, just as the “Spanish” flew pandemic did decimate Europe about 100 years ago. 2021 marked the 15th anniversary of the Shanghailander blog. Here are the most read posts in 2021.

1 – The rise and fall of the Majestic Hotel
The story of the star of Shanghai nigthlife in the 1920s, that disappeared in the 30s seems is a regular on the top search posts of the blog. The reason why I wrote this post in 2017 was my own interest and the lack of information available on the topic. Apparently I was not the only to be interested in the topic, as this post was already on the top of the list last year.

2 – Old Shanghai French Consulate
Shanghai former French Consulate was destroyed in the 1980s, but the location on the Bund is quite easy to identify. How did it look like? Follow the link for more information.

3 – Old Shanghai short movie
There are many photographs of Old Shanghai, but movies from 1930s Shanghai are not so many. This one is particularly interesting.

4 – Park Hotel accounting
I found the daily accounts for Park Hotel for one day in October 1938. This is the first part of the post, going through the spending part of the accounts. How much was spent by the hotel on food, drinks and other supply is analyzed in the post, giving a clear view of daily management of a hotel in the 1930s.

5 – Hugh Martin grave in Shanghai
It turns out that one of the central characters of Old Shanghai had (nearly) the same name as mine. This post explores the life of Hugh Martin.

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